How to make money on CFD contracts 2

Greed in trading CFDs

As a rule, forex – speculators are more greedy than stock market speculators. The broker provides leverage in the currency market much more than in the stock market. It follows: most gamers go directly to the foreign exchange market, and not to the stock market. If you trade CFDs, then most likely you are not a gamer. And this is the first step to success!

Stress when trading CFDs

It is hardly different from stress when trading in the currency market. Although, the stock market is considered more calm and stable than the Forex. How to deal with stress? First of all, you need to reduce trading volumes. It is advisable to build safe pyramids in the direction of a moving trend. The use of sedative medications in some cases is permissible, but not always. If a trader is constantly in an altered state of consciousness, then such a trade is unlikely to have an effect.

Technical analysis of the stock market

Most traders use technical analysis when trading CFDs on stocks. This is due to the fact that graphs move according to certain laws. Knowing the history of their movement in the past, one can predict their movement in the future.

Fundamental analysis of the stock market

If you want to have stable success in trading, then you need to use news (fundamental) analysis in the market. True, the published information is instantly recouped by the chart, and the trader is not able to earn anything. You need to be able to analyze the news background.

Psychologists and mathematicians on the stock exchange

Statistics show that there are many psychologists among the winners on the exchange. Fans of the exact sciences have no advantage in the exchange. However, among successful stock traders, you can find people of various professions: from stewardesses to the clergy.

What are the “turtles” silent about?

Turtles called traders who were taught to trade in certain “patterns.” Their trading successes are quite impressive. Turtles usually trade in the stock market. They use the same methods for identifying stock growth. When trying to learn their trade secrets, they are silent. Although, some authors of the books managed to get some interviews from them. But the conversation turned out almost about nothing. “Turtles,” said commonplace things. For example: “stocks either rise in price or fall.” All traders know this. What are the “turtles” silent about? And there is an answer to this question. If some kind of trading system is widely used, then it becomes unnecessary. One can argue with this statement, but many professional traders have spoken directly about this many times. If you find an effective trading technique, it is better not to tell anyone about it.

NLP and hypnotherapy

If you are prone to gambling addiction, then NLP – the master can help you. Unfortunately, there are few such specialists in the post-Soviet space. A hypnotherapist is easy to find in a large city, but he needs to clearly explain his task. Hypnotherapists, as a rule, exempt from gambling addiction. If the doctor gives you the error setting “do not trade on the exchange”, then you will guess for a long time: why do you feel sick when you see the charts?

Lose with a clever technique or a stupid find?

What’s better? Most professionals will tell you that it is better to lose with a smart technique. No one is immune to mistakes. It is important that they do not lead to ruin.

My own story

Since 2005, I have been trading in the currency market. A year later, I realized that trading CFDs on stocks is more interesting and stable. In 2006, I was able to double my capital without any particular risk, trading exclusively in McDonald’s shares.

At the end of 2007, a bear market began. It was very difficult to work, and my score was slowly and steadily declining. I played sell, but this did not help, because the falling stock market made huge bounces up, and then fell down again. Predicting its movement is much more difficult than the movement of a bull market. In 2009, growth began, and I increased my account tenfold. Unfortunately, my account was badly battered, and I had little money left to start. Nevertheless, I learned the joy of victories and lived on the money earned on the exchange. In 2011, the dealing center removed tools, including contracts for the difference in shares. It was a blow to me. But I struck myself even more. Instead of taking my money and starting trading with a decent broker, I began to buy gold. Forecasts were then the best. Analysts said that gold will rise in price to new highs. But instead, everyone saw a fall in the price of the despicable metal. And I went bankrupt.

How could bankruptcy be avoided?

Despite certain losses, when the dealing center blocked my access to stocks, I had to take all the remaining money and go to another broker. I knew CFD pretty well and didn’t understand anything about gold. It was necessary to choose growth stocks and increase their trading volumes with the help of pyramidal attacks on the market. Would this tactic bring revenue? Of course! The stock market has since risen very much. I understood that this should be the case with the stock market. At the same time, I had a suspicion that the gold market would also soar in value. World-renowned experts and analysts constantly reminded me of this in their articles and forecasts. There is a saying among traders: “The main thing on Wall Street is to plug your ears.” This recommendation is sometimes very valuable. Unfortunately, not everyone listens to it.

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